Materials on how to write good texts are found here. I have collected videos, links and questions to discuss. My view is that writing is a creative process that needs time and harmony. We can’t force ideas to present themselves, but we can plan so that they have a chance to come!

Much of what is discussed in my teaching is collected in this Prezi-ntation: https://prezi.com/mygpzegqm09m/essay-writing-tips/

Below please find the materials organised under these five headings (corresponding to the video tutorials further down):

Here is the first video on the Essay Writing Process (The Research Process):

Questions on the contents of the FIRST video:
1. How can you facilitate your Writing process?
2. What can be your unique contribution with your essay?
3. What are the six levels in Bloom’s taxonomy?
4. What are the four Project phases?
5. How can you work in the first phase?
6. How can you seek info in a less theoretical way?
7. What is the purpose of the the first quick info search?

Questions on the contents of the SECOND video:
1. What do you need to do BEFORE starting your Word processor?
2. What are the advantages of CHAOS (in the beginning of the Writing process)?
3. In which way is the OUTLINE VIEW similar to a mindmap?
4. What are the traditional sections (chapters) of a report called?
5. How to access the Outline View in Word?
6. What is the purpose of the green arrows?
7. What are the advantages of using the Outline View?
8. How can Writing blocks be avoided?

Questions on the contents of the THIRD video:
1. How is a title page generated in Word?
2. How ia a Table of Contents generated?
3. How to access QUALITY information through a library homepage?
4. Where can you find advice on report/essay Writing?
5. How can you avoid even getting near PLAGIARISM?
6. What is the role of forgetting things in the writing process?

Questions on the contents of the FOURTH video:
1. What is the original meaning of the Word TEXT(in Latin)?
2. What is the advantage of inserting Pictures (figures) in your report?
3. What are the rules you need to follow when you insert a Picture?
4. What is so good about using people as references?
5. How is an in-text reference to be inserted?
6. How is a REFERENCE LIST inserted?

Questions on the contents of the FIFTH video:
1. Where do you select TYPE OF REFERENCE?
2. What info is needed if your reference is a webpage?
3. What is important to do if your reference is one or more persons?
4. Where to click when inserting an in-text reference?
5. How can you repair a mistake in a reference list?

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