Split ICC

Planning and links

To watch before the course starts: this(1), this(2), this(3), this(4), this(5) and this(6)

September 5: Understanding the “others” by seeing oneself

- Introduction and inventory of cultures in our group

- Human nature, neuroscience, non-verbal communication, perception

- Our own layers of culture and how we are seen by others

- Non-verbal communication activities

September 6: Languages define cultures and convey meaning

- Country-specific features (physical and psychological)

- Norms, codes, and punishments

- Perception, expectations

- Clashes of cultures

September 7: Games people play, groups and competition

- Symbols, rituals, heroes, and values

- Centre, periphery, and roles

- Embodiment, cultural shock, communication with the environment

September 8: Field Day

- Interviews, observations, and analysis

- Intercultural games

September 9: Summing up - Most useful contents

- Preparations individually and in pairs

- Words, pictures, creativity, acting

- Intercultural farewell party