Articles, books, TV, video and a book project

2. Materials on Intercomprehension

3. Materials on Rhetoric

4. A book project: Centre-periphery Dynamics

Clarifying complexity in society using pictures

Including a blog (in Swedish): SOM EN LABYRINT (pictures about society)

4. Other publications

Teaching as a Human Experience: An anthology of contemporary poems, 2015, Editor(s): Karen J. Head, Patrick Blessinger

Formative Assessment with Google's G Suite International Maritime English Conference Proceedings 2019 (Mariehamn, Finland)

Kusten är klar - lärobok i modersmål i yrkesundervisningen. (2007). Helsingfors: Söderströms & Co Förlags AB

Ingenjörers skriftbruk på ett rederi, NERA - Nordic Educational Research Association 2007 (Turku, Finland)

5. YouTube Channels and Playlists

Videos on Intercultural Communication, Intercomprehension, Scientific Writing and Study Skills

Intercultural Communication video contents (based on this Prezi):

  • Video #1 is an introduction to ICC including definitions of culture

  • Video #2 deals with the roots of misunderstanding cultural expressions'

  • Video #3 discusses the iceberg metaphor of culture, how humans take in signals from their surroundings, and how our interests influence our world view

  • Video #4 takes up how interests can be keys to good communication and how our values influence our feelings and can lead to conflict

  • Video #5 looks at bad communication first: walls and wars. Then a broader look at the many areas where ICC takes place

  • Video #6 shows the sciences involved in ICC and lists why and when ICC is important

  • Video #7 takes up social systems and how we can analyse human behaviour successfully – although it is difficult

  • Video #8 is about societies and how they are like labyrinths in which we can find our way by using our capitals wisely – and promote ourselves with symbols and rituals

  • Video #9 deals with how groups are where the culture has its roots and how we can relate to groups

  • Video #10 shows examples of how strong masculinity can be a quite unfortunate influence in communication

Intercomprehension video contents based on this Prezi:

Video #1 is an introduction to the concept of Intercomprehension

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6

Video #7

Video #8