Nsiika School Development

I was recommended by a friend, Olle Jonasson, who used to work as a priest in Uganda to contact Ivan Clean, a singer and songwriter in Mbarara. Through him I got to visit a school in Nsiika for which his father Evaristus Batureine, a reverend, is responsible. The school receives local children from the countryside around it. Nsiika is located 70 km north of Mbarara (200,000 inhabitants) and 80 km east of the Queen Elisabeth National Park in the west part of the country. Once there I met quite a few people who work in the school for free. One of them is Elijah Mpumwire. He has started an organisation, Holistic, whose goal it is to support the children and families served by the school, as well as the school itself.

Ivan Clean with his son, given a Swedish name, Olle, and Ivan's father Evaristus, called Evary. 

The school building is rather new, not yet quite finished. The rubble on the right is what is left of the old building, which got damaged in a landslide. The children are on their way home for the lunch break. However, some of them won't get any food, so it's a goal for the school to start to provide at least one meal a day.

The children sit on mats on the ground and write on low tables. There is a great need of boooks and writing materials. 

The children were asked who wanted to become a doctor in the future. 

This is a kindergarten group. They sit in  the church building nextdoor.

The landscape is very green and fertile. Cooking bananas make up a large share of the food.

Ivan and me in the front seat. Elijah Mpumwire, the young founder of the NGO Holistic in the back.

This is a video by and with Elijah explaining what he and the organisation Holistic hopes to achieve: Breakfast and lunch for the children who go to school and ultimately building an orphanage since many children are born whose young mothers can't support them, often with absent fathers. 

The organisation Holistic works towards the goal: 

Money goes a long way in Uganda. Here children have been given books from a small contribution I made last year.