About Skolsupport

Who are we? How do we work? What do we believe? 

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We want to help schools to build boarding facilities, serve meals, and provide teaching materials to children who otherwise wouldn't be able to go to school, at least not high school. Volunteer work by local church members, children participating in chores, the schools growing their own food, and low prices in general, make our contributions go a long way. 


Being there in November 2022 gave me the impulse to try to contribute to the work that I saw with my own eyes. The talent, the competence, the will is already in place. Financial support - even if it's not massive - can enable the schools to give very many children a sustainable future.

Staying in communication with the same people I met and receiving reports of the progress being made has been fun and has continued to build trust. I invite all members and donors to take part in this communication. Our partners will be very happy to receive you as their guests. You may choose your preferred means of transport, see above!



The challenge - obviously - is to organise support so that 100% of our donations reach the targets. How can we believe that this can be done?

Olle och Erik på picknick

Olle gave me the tip to visit Ivan Clean in Mbarara where he had worked in a church many years ago. Ivan took me to the village of Nsiika where I got to see the school and got to meet his father Evary and his son Olle and a number of people who worked with the school including Elijah Mpumwire.

Ivan, Elijah och Erik

Elijah has founded the association Holistic Rehabilitation Ministries to organise support for the children in the nearby villages. Nsiika School is the main school. They have small schools in smaller villages that they run. The countryside is full of people and childbearing is high. Unfortunately, many young girls become pregnant before they have time to go to school.